TGA Supersport

A reliable thoroughbred with a proven track record of over 30 years. The Supersport was the first of what we consider to be today’s modern mobility scooters and has evolved over the years into one of the most trustworthy, rugged and distinctive scooters money can buy.


Our Verdict

Value for money
Total Score: 8.9 / 10 - Great


  • Weight Limit 31 Stone
  • Range 30 Miles (HD batteries)
  • Rear Basket
  • Large Footplate                                                                        
  •  Large Tyres


  • Large Heavy Scooter
  • Steering Column Adjustment Toll required
  • Only available in Black                               
  • Not Shop Accessible

Technical Details




20 Miles / 32 Km Std Batteries 50ah

30 Mile / 48 Km HD Batteries

Max user weight

200 kg / 31 stone


1650 mm


740 mm


1029 mm

Wheel size

510 mm 20inch Rear

318mm 10inch Front

Heaviest part

119 Kg

Total weight inc batteries



50ah standard 75 ah option

Turning radius

914 mm

Max slope

12 deg



  • Black

Full Review

The looks borrow many cues from the motorcycle industry but the Supersport doesn’t just have style, there’s plenty of substance too. It’s a rugged scooter, on and off-road. The large three wheel platform results in outstanding comfort, stability and manoeuvrability, mile after mile, year after year, whatever the conditions.

The operating lever allows amazingly smooth fingertip control of speed forwards or in reverse. You can crawl at a snail’s pace, an inch at a time or quickly accelerate to the top speed of 8mph. Release the lever and the Supersport automatically slows to a controlled stop and applies the parking brake.

The positive steering and impressive turning circle allow the driver to negotiate almost any obstacle. The Supersport is as much at home in the high street as it is on a country ramble. Go to the beach or a village cricket match, take a tour around the garden, visit friends across town, go to the shopping centre – you can do it all!

The Supersport’s upholstered adjustable seat and large wheels ensure n exceptionally comfortable ride, so important on long journeys, which could be up to 30 miles per charge. The arms lift up and the whole seat rotates to allow ease of access. The independent handlebars can be simply adjusted for height and angle, and the controls can be fitted for left or right-hand operation (as specified).

Live life to the fullest and have no regrets with the undeniably cool Supersport from TGA mobility. Making an impressive statement on the road and boasting distinctive features, this motorbike-style mobility scooter will make you feel like a true force of nature wherever you go. The heritage of the Supersport goes back many years, its influential history making it into the iconic scooter that it is today. Most importantly, it’s not all about the exhibition with this mobility scooter; performance also plays a key role in what sets it aside from any other model in the market, guaranteeing durability, comfort, and manoeuvrability for many years to come.

The Supersport comes with many of the standard features that you would expect of a mobility scooter from TGA, including an audible horn, indicators, front and rear lights, and hazard warning lights to ensure that you can see and be seen at all times. A large rear basket gives you plenty of space to securely store away your belongings whilst the battery condition indicator reminds you when the battery is running low. A removable on/off key gives you absolute peace of mind about the security of your Supersport, whether you park it out in public or in your home.

Good turning cycle and exceptional legroom on a very stable 3 wheel scooter