Choosing the Best Powered Mobility Product

Finding the best Mobility product

Mobility is the ease and freedom of movement. A mobility product is an implement that makes moving around easier. Effects that aid mobility include scooters, wheelchairs, and walking frames. Whether you need help moving around due to age, a disability or an accident, a vigorous and enjoyable life is contingent on choosing the right mobility product.

Common Mobility Products

What to Consider When Choosing What Product to Get

Before you go ahead and choose the best mobility product to suit your needs, you need to contemplate the degree of independence and safety you desire. The following are some determinants of the nature of mobility aid to get:

Some people are more active than others, notwithstanding the ease of mobility. For very busy people, products that enable a lot of movement and activity are the standard recommendation.
Health in this context refers to the ease of movement you already have before getting the mobility product.
Most mobility aids come recommended for various weight groups. For instance, the weight recommendation for crutches differs significantly from that of wheelchairs.
Where you live and where you go matters when getting a movement aid. If you live in a house where you have to use stairs every day, a wheelchair may prove inconvenient. Bulky implements may be unsuitable if there are many constricted spaces where ease of turning is severely limited.

The price you are willing to meet determines the quality of the moving aid that you get. Most insurance companies do not cover mobility products, which means that you have to pay for them yourself.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters combine the features of a wheelchair and a scooter. These implements are beneficial for individuals who have challenges using crutches, sticks, walkers, tire easily, or have to carry portable oxygen around. A mobility scooter can have either three, or four wheels subject to preference and intention of use. Additionally, you can get various accessories for your scooter, such as:

If you plan on getting this scooter, it is advisable to try it out or drive test it to gauge comfort and suitability. Issues such as how fast it can go, how much weight it can bear, and where you can get service in case of breakdown need to be clarified. Whether you are getting it for yourself or someone else, you need to ensure that it is the correct machine for the intended use. If it has to go in a car, is either foldable or light enough to lift and can it transport for the user.

Riser Recliner/Lifting Chairs

Some people have challenges lowering themselves onto chairs or sitting up, a challenge that rise recline chairs solve. Rising and reclining chairs, also known as lifting seats, are regular armchairs that can raise you to an upright position. Additionally, the device can lower you from a standing to a sitting or reclining position.

If you mainly have a problem with either standing or sitting up, these chairs eliminate the hassle. Available in custom fits, lifting chairs offer variety in sitting position, lower the probability of getting bedsores, and improve circulation.


For individuals with disabilities or for those who can no longer move between different levels of floors, stairlifts are a practical solution. With a simple gear, motor, and battery, stairlifts are easy to use and energy efficient by most household appliance standards. The lift composition includes a chair and a rail whose attachment is on the stair treads. Therefore, it does not damage the walls.

The user sits on the chair and, depending on the controls, moves either up or down the stairs. The stairlifts are relatively easy and safe to use as they have various safety features that may include seat belts and safe speeds.

The recommendations here are for some of the most common mobility products and offer a general guide on how to go about discovering the best mobility products. Some mobility products display a lot of sophistication, all fitting in at least one category in this article. For most of the products. Before going ahead and choosing the appropriate one, you have to be ready to incur both acquisition and maintenance costs.

This site is designed to help you to make an informed choice on the correct mobility products for your needs.