Choosing the right Stair lift

Installing one of the best stairlifts in your home can make a big difference to your quality of mobility, and how enjoyably and independently you can live at home. Stairlifts can be helpful not just for seniors with mobility requirements, but for people of all ages who, for health reasons, find it difficult to use the stairs.

This guide will help you find the best stairlift companies and products, we have focused on brands that provide a good range of stairlifts for indoor and outdoor staircases, as well as for different types of stairwells, including curved staircases. While the average maximum weight capacity for stairlifts is around 18stone, we have also included a bariatric stairlift that has a maximum weight capacity of 31stone

In our frequently asked questions section, we have included buyers’ advice on how to select the best stairlift for you. This includes the main considerations you’d need to make, and the top stairlift features to look out for. These range from basic safety features, to sit-stand ‘perch’ seats, plus a quiet and easily maintained drive system that’s covered by a decent warranty.

Even though struggling with the stairs is a common problem that affects many across the UK, the decision to install a stairlift is significant and comes with many questions. You may be concerned about the running costs, how to decide where to buy a stairlift and finding a stairlift provider you can trust.

If your staircase is straight and does not have any corners, then there’s a fantastic range of straight stairlifts available to suit your needs.

There are a number of straight stairlift products to choose from. Ideal for narrow staircases and very cost-effective, If you have restricted movement in your knees or hips, then there are Perch seats available. The type of staircase in your home will dictate the type of stairlift you decide upon. If you have straight stairs, then the most natural choice is straight stairlifts. Straight stairlift tracks can only travel in straight lines, so if your household has two consecutive straight staircases that are joined by a landing.

Many homes have staircases that go around at least one bend or corner. Often the turns can be tight and the stairs may be narrow. As a solution, There are a  number of manufactures we have a range of made to measure curved stairlifts that can travel around corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases. All curved stairlifts are tailor-made and designed for your individual staircase and needs.

There are some companies that have developed a  3D PhotoSurvey system to ensure a perfect fit for all our curved stairlifts first time, every time. This system not only enables your curved rail to be made to fit the precise requirement of your staircase, it will enable you to see a 3D drawing of how your stairlift will look before you place your order.

Due to the fact that all curved stairlifts need to be made to the precise requirements of your individual staircase, be sure to utilize a company who can ensure a perfect fit, first time, every time.

If you have an external flight of stairs leading to your house or just a few steps down to your garden then an outdoor stairlift is the perfect solution. Outdoor stairlifts for straight stairs and Curved Stairlifts options are available.